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  • IHN Award and Medal

The 17th International Haemovigilance Seminar will include presentation of the IHN Award and IHN Medal, and the IHN Award lecture.  The Award recognises significant contributions to advancement of the field of haemovigilance.  The IHN Medal recognises significant contribution to the work of IHN.
Nominations for the IHN Award and Medal, can be submitted according to the pdf below.  Nominations close on 20 December 2015.

Call for nominations IHN Award and Medal 2016

We are proud to announce that the 17th International Haemovigilance Seminar will be he held in Paris, France, 9 -11 March, 2016.
For more information please check the Seminar Website: http://ihs-seminar.org/


The International Haemovigilance Network was formed in 2009 from the European Haemovigilance Network which itself was founded in 1998.

The membership of the network consists of national, operational haemovigilance systems. These organisations join the group on behalf of their country, with a nominated lead member who is usually the head (director, president) of the national haemovigialnce system of that country. Individuals working in haemovigilance from member countries are free to participate in all aspects of IHN.

The IHN  provides a forum for sharing best practice and benchmarking of data, as well as providing a resource for existing and new haemovigilance systems. An annual symposium is held each year in one of the member countries and may be attended by interested professionals.

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