2012 Montreal


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Presenentations – IHS Montreal 2012

List of Talks/Presentations – Montreal 2012


16H30  Donor Vigilance Montreal April 2012 PTomasulo

9h00  Quebec Blood System_April-2012_IHS_Gilles Lambert/Karl Itaj Nawej

10h30  Importance of transfusion error surveillance_montreal_04-2012_JCallum

11h30  Modified Presentation – Error Surveillance – The Hospital Perspective – A Wilson 120426

13h30  IHN Clinical Governance and Haemovigilance – EWood

14h00 Setting up a haemovigilance system in a hospital network -  GLabonte Et al

14h30  Wrong blood in tube – PBolton-Maggs

14h45  Presentation IHS Montreal 26 4 2012 _MRüesch

15h30  ISTARE 2006-2010 C POLITIS 20_04_2012

16h00  Paediatric SHOT for IHN 2012-PBolton-Maggs

16h45  Dre Lani Lieberman-UPDATED May 2012

13h30  IHN2012 MStrong

14h35  Tissue vigilance IHS Montreal_B Jo Wiersum-Osselton

l13h00  Tissue transplantation adverse events (Room Soprano B)

15h00  USA Biovigilance System – Blood Recipients (Room Soprano B)

15h30  Hemovigilance – IHN 2012 final MKuehnert

15h50_IHS Alexis Harvey

16h10  AABB PSO IHS 2012 BWhitaker

16h35  Fung IHN V7 MFung

l13h00  Donor vigilance (Room Soprano C)

13h30  Effectiveness of donor questionnaire to ensure donor safety – IHS 2012 MGoldman

14h15  Donor pulse _ IHS_ 2012_v4_MGermain Et al

14h30-14h45  Risk donors 1 TVuk

14h45  BSI_Vigilance__HKamel

15h00  Hemovigilance systems (Room Soprano C)

STIR ATRs for IHN 2012- EWood

8h30  Surveillance of Blood Utilisation JWallis

9h10  Donor Hgb Iron IHS April 2012 GDelage

9h50  IHS-EIDs 42712 RDodd

11h00  b Foto IHS penning

11h55  IHS Montreal 270412 De Vries

13h00  Invitation to 15th IHS in Brussels

 IHN Award

IHN Medal


 11h00  AOB English 12 04 18 short JLacroix

11h00  AOB English 12 04 18 short JLacroix Part2

11h00  AOB English 12 04 18 short JLacroix Part3

11h00  AOB English 12 04 18 short JLacroix Part4