2011 Amsterdam

ISBT_definitions_final_2011_TRALIcorrection2013   This document has been modified as per agreement in the haemovigilance working party meeting in Amsterdam, to the TRALI definition.  This document is posted as a 2013 document and has replaced the previous 2011 document.

The 13th Annual IHN Symposium was held in the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, from 9th to 11th February 2011.

It was attended by 266 delegates from xxx countries.

Programme IHS XIII Amsterdam


 Brady, R      Review of paediatric reports 2007-2009

de Kort, Wim      Donorvigilance

de Korte, Dirk      False negative cultures in platelet screening

Escoval, Maria      Portugese haemovigilance system

Espinosa, Aurora     A certification system for doctors and nurses

Faber, Jean Claude      Two decades of haemovigilance

Holmberg, Jerry      Biovigilance in the USA

Kamel, Hany      Reducing vasovagal reactions in donors

Koh, Mickey      Haemovigilance in a large teaching hospital

Maqnas, Amr      Haemovigilance in devoping countries

Politis, Dina      ISTARE database

Politis, Dina 2      Risk behaviours and donor management

Potocnik, Marjeta      Respiratory adverse reactions 2003-2009

Robillard, Pierre      Setting up a national haemovigilance system

Ruesch, Morven      Swiss haemovigilance achievements

San, Kyi Kyi      Who gets cryoprecipitate?

Schipperus, Martin      TRIP 7 year trends

Siska, Ioana      EU commission haemovigilance

Strengers, Paul      Quality management and haemovigilance

Strong, Michael      Biovigilance

Sweeney, Jackie      Clinical haemovigilance reporting

Taylor, Clare      Haemovigilance of clinical activities

van Tilborgh, Anita      Assessing reports of transfusion reactions

Wallis, Jonathan      Quality indicators to improve clinical transfusion

Wieling, W      Preventing syncope in whole blood donors

Williamson, Lorna      SHOT and its impact on UK practice

Wood, Erica      Definitions of reactions

Wood, Erica 2      Automation simplifies reporting and data handling