2010 Dubrovnik

The 12th Annual IHN Symposium was held in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 17th to 19th February 2010.

It was attended by 164 delegates from xxx countries.

12th IHS Dubrovnik

Programme for Dubrovnik Dec 2009



Bosanac, I     Croatian QA schemes for immunohaematology

Bušić, Mirela     Biovigilance in Croatia

de Vries, Rene     Indicators for safe and appropriate use

Eder, Anne     Monitoring TRALI mitigation strategies

Faber, Jean Claude     Evolution and revolution of haemovigilance

Golubic Cepulic, Branka     Vigilance of stem cell collection and reinfusion

Hindawi, Salwa     Arab haemovigilance network

Ivankovic, Zdravko     Safety in immunohaematology testing

Jukić, Irena     Donor vigilance at CITM

Kitchen, Alan     Screening donations for infectious diseases

Knutson, Folke     HV at a hospital using INTERCEPT platelets

Koh, Mickey     Haemovigilance – state of the art

Lambermont, M     Citrate toxicity in platelet-pheresis donors

Madrigal Sanchez, M. E.     Full and on-line unit tracking

Mihaljevic, Ivanka     TTI serology EQAS in Croatia

Mold, David     SHOT – a web based data capture system

Nascimento, Fatima     Portugese haemovigilance system

Osselaer, J.C.     Safety outcome for 18,641 platelets with INTERCEPT

Politis, Dina     STARE – the IHN database pilot

Potočnik, Marjeta     Haemovigilance in Slovenia

Robillard, Pierre 1     Principal models of haemovigilance

Robillard, Pierre 2     TACO – new leading cause of fatalities

Robillard, Pierre 3     Severity of ATR and age of red cell units

Sarlija, Dorotea 2     Brachial artery pseudoaneurysm

Šarlija, Dorotea     Haemovigilance in Croatia

Seitz, Rainer     Perception of blood safety in Europe

Sorensen, Betina     Severe complications in blood donors

Stevenson, Lisa     Blood matters – safer transfusion programme

Strengers, Paul     Adverse effects of alternatives to transfusion

Taylor, Clare     Haemovigilance – organisational aspects

Tomasulo, Peter     Monitoring blood donation safety

Tomicic, M     Serological investigation of TRALI

van der Poel, Cees     Safety of blood products – risk benefit

Vuk, Tomislav     Quality indicators in blood establishments

Wiersum, Jo     Adverse events (errors and incidents)

Wood, Erica     Monitoring of bacterial contamination