2009 Rome

THe 11th EHN symposium was held from 25th to 27th February 2009 in Rome, and was attended by 267 delegates. 

EHS Programme 2009



Alcantara, Ramir     TRALI following PBSC transfusion

Andreu, Georges     Under transfusion

Brand, Anneke     Over transfusion

Bregeon, Thomas 1     Vigilance for human substances: the EC view

Bregeon, Thomas 2     Experience of reporting of SAE and SAR to the EU

Bugat, B.     Industry support and collaboration for HV

Caldani, Cyril     National Haemovigilance Committee: HV in France

Corash, Laurence     The role of HV in the implementation of PI methods

Daurat, G.     Transfusion risk of an outbreak of Q fever

de Angelis, V.     Pros and cons of a hospital based blood system

de Vries, Rene     EHN becomes IHN

Devine, Dana     Adverse effects and storage lesions: platelets

Dhingra, Neelam     Haemovigilance in developing countries

d’Onofrio, G.     Hospital Transfusion Committees: their role in HV

Faber, Jean-Claude     Accountability in HV in different countries

Facco, Giuseppine     HV at a regional level: the experience in Piedmont

Grazzini, Guiliano     The Italian Blood System

Grazzini, Guiliano 2      Blood Transfusion Journal

Grossi, Paolo     Vigilance reporting in organ transplantation

Harkin, Donna     Quick alerts in tissues and cells

Jones, Joan     Adverse event reporting for cell salvage incidents

Jorgensen, Jan     Donation vigilance: adverse events in blood donors

Keller-Stanislawski, B.     TRALI: implementation of measures in Germany

Liumburno, Giancarlo 1     Transfusion medicine in the era of proteomics

Liumbruno, Giancarlo 2     Chikungunya and WNV outbreak in Italy

New, Helen     Haemovigilance in paediatrics and neonatology

Noel, Luc     Progress towards global biovigilance

Osselaer, J.C.     The role of HV in implementing PI technologies

Pagliaro, Pasqualepaolo     Application of telemedicine to the transfusion process

Politis, Dina 1     EHN database: establishment and first results

Politis, Dina 2     Blood safety in Greece: report from SKAE

Pupella, Simonetta     Organization of the italian haemovigilance system

Rebulla, Paolo 1     Biovigilance: the experience of the ITCBN

Rebulla, Paolo 2     Pathogen inactivated platelets: prevention of SARs

Reil, A.     TRALI prevention: male plasma and screening

Soni, Neil     Haemovigilance in critical care

Strong, Michael     Biovigilance in the USA

Sullivan, Stephanie     The EUSTITE vigilance and surveillance pilot

Sweeney, J.     Annual notifications of SAR and SAE in Ireland

Taylor, Clare     Haemovigilance and the junior hospital doctor

van de Watering, Leo     Clinical studies of effects of stored red cells

van Tiborg, Anita     TRIP: can incident reporting be improved?

Velati, Claudio     Vigilance of transfusion transmissible diseases