2008 Frankfurt


EHS Announcement 2008 Frankfurt

EHS Programme 2008 Frankfurt



Andreu, Georges (1)     Haemovigilance in optimal use of blood components

Andreu, Georges (2)      Undertransfusion

Bregeon, Thomas      What to report to the EU comission

Caldani, Cyril      Reporting of SAr and SAE in France

de Vries, Rene      EHN: aims and objectives

Fehily, Deirdre      The EUSTITE project

Fernandez-Zincke, E      EU blood and tissues directives

Franklin, Ian      EU optimal blood use project

Greinacher, Andreas      Are banked RBC concentrates dangerous

Heiden, Margarethe      The transfusion system in Germany

Hudson, Patrick      Risk management in the hospital environment

Jorgensen, Jan      Haemovigilance and blood donation

Keller-Stanislawski, B      Haemovigilance vs. pharmacovigilance in Germany

Kirste, Guenter      Safety of organs in Europe

Kuehnert, Matthew      Progress on biovigilance

Lawlor, Emer      Overtransfusion

Ljungman, Per      G-CSF use in healthy stem cell donors

Mayer, B      Iron depletion in whole blood donors

Muylle, Ludo (1)      Feedback on workshop on EU directives

Muylle, Ludo (2)      SAE definitions in blood establishments

Noel, Luc      Vigilance of human stem cells and tissues

Okazaki, Hitoshi      Donor vigilance in Japan

Robillard, Pierre (1)      Transfusion errors and their prevention

Robillard, Pierre (2)      Overview of principal models of haemovigilance

Schrezenmeier, Hubert      Risk of apheresis vs. whole blood donoation

Seidl, Christian      EU-Q-Blood-SOP

Seitz, Rainer      Perception of blood safety in Europe

Spannagl, M      Prevention and treatment of major blood loss

Strengers, Paul      What kind of risk is acceptable for drugs?

Taylor, Clare      SHOT – the hidden data

Taylor, Clare (2)      reporting SAR and SAE – the UK experience

Tomasulo, Peter      Donor AEs and possible interventions

van der Poel, Cees      Donor epidemiology

Wallis, Jonathan (1)      Uses and adverse effects of erythropoietin

Wallis, Jonathan (2)      Transfusion epidemiology

Wells, Angus      Epidemiology and survival of transfusion recipients (EASTR)

Wiersum-Osselton, Jo (1)      How many serious transfusion reactions can be prevented

Wiersum-Osselton, Jo (2)      Reporting SARs and SAES from cells and tissues in the Netherlands