ISTARE donor poster 2011

Welcome to ISTARE, the International Haemovigilance Network’s (IHN) international database.

ISTARE stands for International Surveillance of Transfusion-Associated Reactions and Events. Its purpose is to record national haemovigilance data using common definitions.  This allows international comparisons, information sharing and benchmarking.

It aims to capture all adverse reactions and incidents (events) in recipients of blood and blood products that can certainly, probably or possibly be imputed to blood transfusion.  It also records adverse events in blood donors.

It is important to note that ISTARE is not limited to serious events that represent only “the tip of the iceberg”.  It also aims to capture less serious events and even “near misses”.

ISTARE is now fully operational in web-based form.  If you are the authorised person, you may enter, by following simple steps, your country’s haemovigilance data.  You may enter data for previous years as well as the most recent data.  Your country will not be identified by name in ISTARE output, it can only be recognised by a code which will be known exclusively to you.

ISTARE is supervised by a Working Group of the IHN.  Its current members are:

C. Politis (Greece)               

P. Renaudier (France)            

C. Richardson (Greece)    

P. Robillard (Canada)        

J. Wiersum (Netherlands)

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